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Press release

                                             « Flawless » thighs with
                      the new LPG® « Cellulite » targeted treatment.

Imbedded, entrenched, stubborn… there are too many adjectives to describe women’s figure nightmare: cellulite.
For some women, it even is the one and only problem. No extra weight or stubborn bulges, but just this irregular skin appearance, which is the source of their complexes.

To stay close to women’s beauty expectations, encouraged by the success of the new «targeted treatments », early 2014, LPG has decided to add a highly efficient “Cellulite” targeted treatment to its protocol range.
In just 15 minutes, the Cellu M6® patented treatment head’s different rotation directions soften fatty tissue, eliminate excess water retention and reboost hindered circulation to visibly improve the orange peel skin appearance.

The treatment is completed with the application of the LPG Smoothing Anti-Dimple Complex to release fat and erase the orange peel skin.

As a result, the skin’s irregular aspect is attenuated and the circulation is boosted, and the skin looks smoother and firmer.
press release
The « Cellulite » targeted treatment adds up to the already existing 28 Lipomassage™ protocols. These treatments can be combined to obtain quick and visible personalized results from the 6th session for fat release and from the 12th session for a firmer skin.
LPG « Cellulite » targeted treatment session : 15 minutes.

New Cellulite Targeted treatment only available with the
New generation of Cellu M6 [2].

                              press release2
List of LPG-equipped centers: www.lpgsystems.com

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